Team floppy ears represents hard work and dedication. It represents the freedom to express yourself in the way that you feel most comfortable doing so. That you could be whoever you want to be in this life just as long as you’re not hurting anybody. That you can rise up and conquer challenge after challenge. We represent what it is to persevere it to be relentless in the pursuit of happiness. We love dogs and we have made it our life’s Mission to help as many as we possibly can and to continue to focus on pitbull discrimination and things we can do to kick the stigma, All at the same time individualizing ourselves. Doing it the way that we want to do it not the way that everybody expects us to do it. We take pride in representing the nonconformists.


You don’t have to fall in line like everybody else does. You can be brave, you could be resilient, you could be an individual, and still do what you want to do in life- just be educated. It’s all about ideas. It’s all about the chase and what you really want. I wanted to save pitbull’s and as of about two years ago we’ve already racked up something like over 200 saves. Now we train dogs for a living on top of it and we continue to keep dogs in their homes and in turn, saving their lives as well. Join the TFE movement and make a commitment to living your best life the way that YOU want to live it regardless of what anybody says.


@captainchadganbz welcomes you.