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Kyla’s educational background is from Penn State University, with a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Law. While finishing school in 2012, she acquired her dog Jax from an animal shelter in Central California. Jax changed her world in unimaginable ways and inspired her to change paths and pursue a career in dog training, primarily because of his own fearful behaviors she wanted to resolve. That led her to an internship in 2013 with a well known dog trainer. She was able to learn hands-on and work with hundreds of clients over the course of several years. With a solid acquired skillset and understanding of dogs, Kyla is also a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and a certified AKC CGC Evaluator. Jax, formerly her fearful, insecure rescue pup, is now Canine Good Citizen certified, Kyla’s service medical alert animal and, of course, training assistant. He is also proudly mentoring new pup, Spartan, to follow in his footsteps.


Kyla believes all dogs can be transformed because of her experience with her own Jax which is what makes her passionate about training dogs. Since having Peyton, Kyla does all the administration work for TFE and runs group classes.


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In 2015, Chad had just retired from professional baseball and moved from Dallas, Texas back to Norwalk, California where he is originally from. The dog loving duo met shortly after that through an Instagram collaboration and the rest is history! Kyla taught Chad everything she knew to help his own dog Rosie. Chad has continually built upon that knowledge by attending seminars, establishing mentorships/connections, self-education via research and, most importantly, experience. He has now handled over a thousand dogs. He took his personal dog Rosie and transformed her in the matter of a few short months to prove to himself he could help others! 


The transition from the the baseball diamond to the dog training industry was perfect for Chad’s competitive nature and ability to teach/coach effectively. Chad was a major league prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals affiliate— a 2004 20th round selection in the June draft. Chad played four years in the Cardinals organization and following that finished playing year round independently and over seas in Brisbane, Australia for another six years. 


He now uses the skills he’s gained along the way as Owner and Head Trainer or TFE, specializing in obedience, fear and aggression rehabilitation.


Chad and Kyla celebrated the birth of their beautiful daughter, Peyton, in 2017, got married in 2018 and officially established the company in 2019. All along the way they have been apart of hundreds of successful dog adoptions, and even more successful dog behavioral cases. 


Family is their ultimate inspiration as a self-established small business. They absolutely love what they do and look forward to continue making other families happy one dog at a time. 




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Jose joined the TFE family in Summer of 2021. As a father to his young son, family is the core of his inspiration as well, much like Chad and Kyla. He was in the medical field for several years before deciding to follow his dreams instead and work with dogs, motivated by working with his own dog, Cowboy. He is TFE’s official right-hand-man, training assistant and kennel tech. We are so blessed to have him part of the team, he has been the perfect addition to our family here. Clients love him just as much as we do!!