What should I expect from a phone consult with TFE?


We’ve got followers and supporters globally which obviously limits what we’re able to do for specific people who would like to work with us. A phone consult provides dog owners with the ability to pick our brains for a maximum 30 minuites.


Where’s the value in a 30 min chat to Captain Chad or the boss Kyla AKA The Dog Whisperess?


We get straight to the ham and eggs and start tackling all of your questions or concerns. We ask you to tell us a little bit about why you may have concerns, what problems you’ve been facing, and whatever else you feel like adding.


We will then have our own questions for you, and from there we will begin giving you everything we have in the tank. Including things we’ve done in the past that’s been successful for situations like yours, and anything else we think would be helpful to your unique scenario moving ahead.


Typically a phone consult with us gives people clarity and reassurance. Sometimes people are doing things with their dogs that they think is right, but may not be sure. We provide the solidification. 


Over all, a phone consult with us flat out makes people feel better about their situations moving forward and that all by iteself is something that makes it worth the investment.


We hope to hear from you soon! 


– Chad & Kyla Gabriel