The TFE Exclusive closed facebook group will include but not be limited to UNLIMITED dog training information and interaction with both myself and Kyla. @teamfloppyears & @thedogwhisperess


Together we have over 8 years of canine behavior modification experience. We’ve dealt with the simplest cases of obedience to the most dangerous aggression cases possible.


I think the thing people will enjoy most is the dynamic Kyla & I share. We work extremely well together, but we’re married so we bicker like an old married couple even in public! So it’s relatable! Most importantly the community aspect. It’s much more than our other open public forums.


We will be hosting two- HOUR LONG Q & A live feeds weekly. One mid-week on WED at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard 9 Eastern and another on Sunday at the same time.


The value of the group doesn’t stop there. This group is going to be massive. Which only means there will be a ton of people involved. Everybody will have accessability to share information with eachother.


This will be an exclusive community of people doing nothing but constantly helping each other. A fun, safe, and informative place to be with no worry of stupid ass internet trolls to intervene. Kyla and I will be the administration of the page so we will have access to add or remove anybody at our discretion.


The Rules and Guidelines of the group will be listed as a pinned comment at the top of our page. Negative comments, or anybody looking to start trouble will automatically be removed with no possibility of a refund.


“Real people, real dogs, with real problems, looking for real solutions”


Kyla and I look forward to seeing ALL of you guys in our closed group! We can’t wait to get started! Thank you all so so much!


Captain Chad– Team Floppy Ears CEO
Kyla Gabriel- The Dog Whisperess




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