Jax Weller Arena (Kennel-Free Doggy Daycare)


We are so excited to announce our #JaxWeller Arena has been built in honor of my service dog Jax passing in April. We are now able to offer kennel- free doggy daycare services 12 hours a day, 7 days a week 🙂

The perfect place for your dog to come while you are at work or busy for the day instead of having them stay at home alone. They will get all the playtime, healthy supervised interaction with other dogs, and go home TIRED (best part )! 


They will be supervised every single second of the day by a trained dog behavior professional. Remember, we are dog trainers first and foremost— so healthy interaction and a calm, controlled but FUN environment for your dog is provided here. With our assessment / approval process and dog handling knowledge it is the safest place you can let your dog play without all the scary risks and learning bad habits of the public dog parks 




  • Constantly cleaned and sanitized with doggy safe products 
  • Cooled down turf
  • Shaded area
  • Several pools
  • Elevated beds
  • 24/7 supervision


Refer a doggy friend and get $10 off! 

New clients will need to make an appointment for an assessment first before joining our doggy daycare pack! Please email TFE.kyla@gmail.com to schedule

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